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Do I have to buy from a broker, private seller, or factory?

No, we have assisted customers on new deliveries, private sellers, brokers, etc.  Our experience enables each transaction to go as smoothly as possible.

Should I use escrow for closing, or just pay the seller directly?  

We strongly recommend that you utilize a reputable aircraft escrow company for your closing.  You should never give a seller (private, or a broker) any money.  We recommend that all funds flow through escrow for your protection.

How fast can I close once I find the right aircraft?

Once we have your pre-approval, it typically takes 2-3 days to get documents created, signed, and your loan closed.  Obviously, the more time the better, but our team will work with you to make sure any reasonable deadline is met.

What down payment will a lender require?

Based on the aircraft and customer, most loans require a down payment of 15-20%.  Under certain scenarios, some lenders may be willing to consider a lower downpayment; however, we recommend using this option carefully, as we do not want our customers to ever owe more than the aircraft is worth.

What if I don’t have an aircraft selected?  Should I begin the loan process?

Absolutely!  We recommend that once you have made the decision to pursue an aircraft purchase, you begin the financing process.  Our team can get you approved for the amount you need (based on the type of aircraft you desire).  Once your pre-approval is ready, you can make an offer with confidence.  Sellers prefer customers with pre-approved financing, and closings can happen faster if you are pre-approved!

How long do I have to buy once I am pre-approved?

Each lender is different, but your pre-approval usually is valid for 90 days.  The rate quoted with your pre-approval is valid for 30 days.

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